About Zinezoo

Zinezoo allows you to listen to podcasts without hassle.

Every day, the zinezoo.com website prepares randomized playlists for several categories, choosing among the best podcast episodes out there.

When you are bored with an episode, you just click through to the next randomized episode in the playlist, or choose another playlist.

This means that you don't have to subscribe to any podcast or anything. We select from a curated set of podcasts.

Just press play, and continue doing what you are doing, and press the next button when you want to skip to the next podcast episode.

That's it! Discover cool new podcasts you didn't even know you wanted to listen to, while doing something else.


The TL/DR of it is that all the work is done inside your browser!

Your browser requests the index of podcasts available, and the code that runs inside your browser then chooses what to play based on your history.

This history is stored locally, in your browser. This information is not currently sent to our servers. We hope to keep it that way but frankly, it is still an experiment.

This has advantages. There are no privacy issues, because your private data is not shared. And you do not have to create an account. You can just start listening. It also has the advantage that the algorithm can not 'profile' you, e.g. assume that you want to listen to certain podcasts because other 'people like you' do.

For us it also has the advantage that it scales well. The files retrieved from the server are static files. No work is done server-side, other than preparing a daily list of podcast episodes as they become available.

We also do not store cookies. All information relating to you stays inside your browser.

Of course, there are disadvantages, too. Since all the information is stored in your browser, you can not take your data with you to another device, or other browser. And if the data is removed from your browser, the information it learned from your listening is gone also.

Can My Podcast Be Added?

We're still in start-up mode and curating the podcasts we offer.

You can find the lists of podcasts we feature for each category here

Find A Problem With A Podcast?

I currently have a selection of around two hundred podcasts, and possibly thousands of episodes. I can not possibly listen to all of them. If you find something wrong with any of them, please get in with me!

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